May 1, 2017

“Let’s start at the very beginning…

…a very good place to start.”

Hi there musicians!  Anyone recognize that line from one of the best movies of all time, The Sound of Music?  Maria sings it as the introduction to the song, “Do Re Mi”, when she and the children are sitting in the beautiful mountains of Austria.  Oh, how I want to be Julie Andrews when I grow up.  🙂

Since my last post, I have been thinking a lot about where to start with this blog.  What is worth sharing?  What is important?  What is of value to the people reading it?  And this weekend, as I was holding my sobbing two year old who had just skinned his knee, it came to me.  Let’s start at the very beginning – with our babies – with these little humans that come into our lives and forever change how we view the world.

When Max came running over to me, with tears streaming down his cheeks and blood trickling down his knee, I opened my arms, scooped him up, and started rocking and bouncing gently, cooing in his ear that it was okay.  As all of us with children in our lives know, in those moments, we will do anything to soothe them, comfort them, and try to ease their pain (even when it means getting mud and blood all over my shirt…hello, OxiClean!).

As I bounced and cooed, Max started to calm down and I realized that with my bouncing, his little body relaxed and he stopped crying.  The rhythm of my body and the sound of my voice helped him to know that he was safe and to take his mind away from the pain.

Babies – children – humans LOVE rhythm and LOVE sound.  It is one of the most essential parts of being human.  Music gives us the gift of another form of expression; a way to show how we feel; a way to connect with each other; a way to communicate.

So…to start at the very beginning…bounce that baby!  Rock that baby!  Sing to that baby!  (Even if you believe that your singing should be reserved only for the shower or when you are driving alone in the car!)  Give your child the gift of feeling connected to you in a way that goes deeper than words or touch alone.  As Victor Hugo, a famous French writer said so perfectly:

“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.”

And in the scenario of rocking and singing to a child, music expresses love.

Thank you for being here and thank you for being a musical light in the life of a child.

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