Empowering Early Childhood Educators to Implement the Best Practices in Music Education

Let’s Build Happy and Healthy Brains Together

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We believe in early childhood educators and their ability to build the foundation for lifelong, joyful learning. Our mission is to support them to integrate high quality music learning into their classrooms – turbo charging the brain development, literacy skills, listening skills, and social-emotional skills of their amazing little students.

Our Program Features

36+ weeks of content, organized seasonally for fall-winter-spring

  • All content is steeped in early music learning best practices and continually updated
  • All content and resources are developmentally appropriate for children ages 3-6
  • Tiered integration plans demonstrate how to use the content at each developmental stage
  • Hands-on teacher training, support, and coaching
  • Curated lists of classroom resources - including instruments, books, and CDs
  • A program that encourages school-family connections through music
  • Teachers can begin the program at any time of the school year
  • Web-based, allowing teachers to access it anywhere

How does My Music Starts Here fit into my classroom?

Teachers and Students Agree

I like it when my teacher sits with us to watch the videos and sing. She is also really good at keeping the steady beat. And she smells good.

Jamal, age 4

In my 22 years of teaching, I’ve never seen music taught quite like this. It’s engaging and fun. And I never have to redirect the kids or give reminders to pay attention. They are truly drawn to it. It’s brought a lot of positive energy to my classroom.

Miss Dena, classroom teacher

I’m embarrassed to say that I had no idea how big of an impact music learning had on young children. I knew they loved it, but I didn’t know how much it supported their brain development and all of the other skills they need to be successful. We are thrilled to have this program in all of our classrooms.

Nancy Foster, preschool director