Take a more thoughtful and meaningful approach to music education. With 100+ online lessons crafted for brain development, your child can learn in your home and on your time, while blossoming in every way imaginable.

Mary & Mike – the creators and teachers

Expert Music Educators

As parents of two and teachers of many, Mary and Mike were surprised by the lack of online lessons fit for developing children. So they created their own.

Focused boy with xylophone and tablet

Enrichment-Focused Lessons

Carefully constructed playlists teach your child the building blocks of music – nurturing their creativity, focus, and cognitive development.

Two young girls learning on a tablet

Child-Friendly Platform

With any computer, tablet, or phone, you can give your child a safe and easy-to-use platform to explore, learn, grow, and smile.

Music With Impact

Developing children are brimming with potential. Our platform helps children ages 3 to 8 tap into the power of music.

  • Inspire active participation in singing and musical movement
  • Understand pattern, rhythm, and steady beat
  • Practice beginner piano skills with proper hand and wrist position
  • Engage the entire brain to foster cognitive and emotional development
  • Build a foundation for future learning in reading and math

Our Attentive Approach in Action

Learn more about Mary, Mike, and their meaningful philosophy

Parents and Children Agree

Mommy, can we write them a thank you note for making this? I love it so much.

~ Ellie, four-year-old girl

We weren't ready for our 4 yr. old to take piano lessons, but she kept begging because her older brother does. Your website is the perfect fit for her and our crazy schedule. She loves the videos and my husband and I love that she is learning so much. She taught us all how to sing do, re, mi! Love it!

~ Meredith, mother of two

As a home educating mother of 3, I'm always looking for fun, engaging and cost-effective ways to introduce new subjects to my children, and My Music Starts Here has been ideal for this. The lessons are a highlight of our home ed schedule! I love the fact that I can use the same great value subscription for all of my children! I've really noticed a change in the way my children listen to and appreciate music since starting the lessons, and I'm excited to see where the lessons lead us!

~ Hayley

Hayley, mother of three, and voice of Sparkles and Stretchmarks

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